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"I highly recommend the Rosetta Stone Greek Home Study Language Course!...."

Are you having trouble finding the best course to learn Greek? I had the same problem. There are so many options out there and I was looking the for the best course for the least amount of money. I brought a lot of books, some with CD's and some with tapes, but they never seemed to keep my attention. Finally I looked at the Rosetta Stone Language Course. The course cost 5 to 10 times more than any of the other books/audio lessons that I had looked at. On the other hand it was comprised of 2 DVD's(210 lessons and 450 hours of study and instruction). Not only could I see and hear the language, I could also speak into the microphone and replay it so I could hear my own pronunciation! It was like having my own private tutor!

Rosetta Stone - Fastest way to learn a language.

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I thought carefully about the amount of information I would recieve in this course and decided that if I was serious about learning Greek, the $300 investment over a 2-3 year period was a small investment that would pay off.....

I purchased the courses(I decided it that it was worth ordering both parts I & II at the same time to save $90) and within 5 days I was on my way to learning Greek....

I highly recommend the Rosetta Stone Greek Home Study Language Course if you are serious about wanting to study Greek.

David Econopouly

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